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Michael Haybarker


Farminton, NM, US

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Just Past the Shadows, Cast in a Bright Star


Michael Haybarker

There are places full of wonder,
for children who behave,
where it never rains or thunders,
where the sun shines bright all day.
Where rocks are made of candy,
where flowers dance and sing.
All the people there are dandy,
and never mention naughty things.
There are worlds made of magic,
for girls and boys who love,
that listen to thier parents,
and never push and shove,
where the rivers flow with choclate,
so the mood is never gray.
And the weather's always perfect,
so you can swim all day!

Just past the shadows,
cast in a bright star.
Take my hand...
We're not going too far:
Just over the oceans,
and out into space.
A slide down a rainbow,
through thirty states.
Straight into the sun,
and right past the moon.
Into a dark forest,
and we'll be there soon.
Down a mean river,
and over the falls.
Into a volcano,
with fiery halls.
Over huge mountians,
up into the clouds,
that make sugared raindrops,
to sweeten the ground.
Into the heavens,
past venus and mars,
through skies full of angels,
where you reach for the stars.
Into a dungeon,
so damp and so cold,
to fight a red dragon,
and steal all his gold.
Down a pink highway,
in big bumper cars,
that goes on forever.
Just imagine how far!
Never a worry,
and never a care.
So always be happy,
and always play fair.

Yes, there are magic worlds,
for kiddies who are nice,
where the streets are paved with diamonds,
where dessert is given twice.
Where people always smile,
when they see you come thier way.
And they'll go the extra mile,
just to brighten up thier day.
There are magic kingdoms,
for children who don't cry,
for kids who know right from wrong,
who never curse or lie.
For children who are caring,
for children who are kind,
where everyone loves everyone,
and no one's left behind.

Just past the shadows,
cast in a bright star.
Take my hand...
We're not going too far:
Around all the world,
and under the seas.
A trek through a desert.
A trip on the breeze.
Through marvelous mazes.
Through caverns and caves.
To monsters and mages.
Great perils we brave!
Tornadoes and earthquakes,
whipping winds and hard rain,
past rivers and great lakes,
in a rocket-fueled train.
Through forbidden forests,
on to the North Pole.
A quick ride on a comet,
into a black hole.
To captian a spaceship,
to master the stars.
To rescue a princess,
locked behind iron bars.
To command your own army.
To make your own way,
through dangerous jungles,
where fierce animals play.
To invent strange, new worlds,
and discover new life.
To become your own hero.
To do what is right!
So there's never a worry,
and never a care.
Always be happy,
and always play fair.

Your quest was amazing.
It's been a full day.
One more adventure?
What do you say?
Into your jammies,
and into your beds.
Under the blankies,
to rest your sweet heads.
Goodnite little children.
Dream only sweet dreams.
Never of devils and monsters and things.
Goodnite, my dear children.
Sleep deep and sleep well,
and rise in the morning,
with happy stories to tell.