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Shala Hay


Anchorage, AK, US

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Ashes to Ashes


Shala Hay

A roaring surf, a tormented life
Let me be your grim reaper, the one with the golden scythe
I'll tear at your heart, but gently so
Cutting old strings so you can just let go

The journey begins, a whole new path
A poison tipped arrow, a heart laced with rath
The picture never changed, but autumn gave up for winter
And her love is reduced to a cinder

Each passing day, a whole new wonder
We talk and laugh and each moment is complete splendor
As I watch him and my heart leaps for surrender
But nothing is said and a laugh is kept
and stowed away, for that time which no more memories
come, I never want to see that day
I never want him to go away

Dust to Dust


Shala Hay

All my pictures surround me
Like a giant circle that I won't let end
But until that one day only
They will be real, my friends

Magical parties, everlasting nights
They seemed real, didn't they?
Mostly in my imagination, inspite
But as I sleep they come and play

In that world, mine alone
I share my mind with them and they
Eve the worst sins in there I condone
Because I am the hero they say

I awake and think of hate
Only towards myself, you see
For he is the one, my only mate
And I am destined failure to be

That is where the fault lie
For I know what lies within
A great beast with a great red eye
And hope that only lies with them