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Katina L. Hawkins


Baton Rouge, LA, US

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From Creed To Color


Katina L. Hawkins

From Bobs to Wraps from wraps to nappy fros are the glows of our beauty

Looking in the mirror at my pale freckled face Is the sound of my Beauty

From Honeycomb, brown suga, Chocolate and caramel latte' these are some of the many faces of beauty

To the little round pear to the apple pop bottom, slender shape swag in our step is the sculpting of a black woman's body

Til you open your eyes green ,blue,brown and black they all hold a surprise of the many faces of beauty

Fragile Frame frailed ole bodies, represents the years of struggles and fight in our grandmother mother's body

The lines that protrude from her eyes onto her face ,down to her finger tips displays the wisdom of our mothers that ran before us in this race

Is their Beauty

Looking like your generation step out of a book,you also are the many faces of beauty

With your blonde, brunette and black hair. Some silky, curly not even to straight; your petite size and elegant speech

Some went to fine schools and some went to school with me

We take a step across the waters ,now we find our Arabian look, Locks of Long hair Arabian beauties everywhere

You are also the Many faces of Beauty

Your extended kindness, love for your kind not to different from us, We travel the borders

With your culture speech that sounds so grand, your kind stands out with your beautiful skin and a swag in your hip, stallion colored hair with your full lips

Now are our sister with slightly closed eyes ,came to our country and made us realize, they become millionaires overnight

The Gold is to work together ,rather the task is big or small

When we look in the mirror, knowing we complete each other

Because we are the Many Faces Of Beauty

Written By : Katina L.Hawkins 2010

Appreciate your feed back on the piece that I wrote" From Creed To Color" MANY FACES OF BEAUTY THANKS KLH