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Raif Hassan


London, England, UK

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Matches And Teddybears.


Raif Hassan

For matches will all char
Till wood has joined the ash.
Lets just watch.
For watches will all tick
watch us all dance
To their fateful, watchful rhythm.
For my sheep were made for counting
But never learned to dance.

For God's sake speak English,
For us all,
For tomorrow, for yesterday,
For the children-
For me, do it for me
Do it.

For we all will dance
To heavens willful chant
At its Madargascan gates,
which are now mandarin with rust.
With hells cold passion
We simply must
Stand and deliver,
Join the wake.
For we had prayed for rice,
We got mice,
And rats but no cats
with careful claws
To exact vengence
With their tortoise paws.
We grew to pestilence.

Please, Oh PLEASE
Just let me, love you
Let me fucking hold you
Stop stop, your mindless raving.
For us all.

For in our street lamp lost light
They just pinched our sight.
So I will wake late and drink coffee
And smoke cheap cigarettes,
And be a disgrace to my mother
(Like the stain on her sofa cover)
And eat pomegranates, and drink red wine,
Oh that red wine.
Till my lips are black.