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Jody Hartsell


Slidell, LA, US

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Capture A Dove


Jody Hartsell

I am about feelings
seeking no approval
I keep feelings locked away
for fear of an entangling mess
my heart keeps yearning to be free
like when you ...
Capture a dove
an' lock it away.

I embrace my heart
no love takes hold, I fear,
I believe myself to be ...
Too sensitive to be alone.
Should someone find me alone
could they somehow
unlock the chains which captures my soul,
to set free my heart,
as you would set free to fly away
... the wings of a captured dove.

Another Southern Day


Jody Hartsell

I stand close to the edge
see the sun rise at the beginning of another southern day
pleased to see someone like you.
Step close to my heart,
we share a feeling that a flower feels
streaching out towards
the new burning sun,
gaining strength,
lifting up, sharing a bright warm smile,
lovely feeling, on a bright southern day.
No rain in our lives, no pain at all
standing close to the edge
I please your every wish,
that's the love I share,
as golden as your hair,
as simple as your smile.
Sun rise, sun set
I'm here, your there
by eash others side
at the begining of each southern day.

Dark Colors


Jody Hartsell

Try to imagine
all the dark colors
closing in around
see if you feel
a dream waking around you
what do you want?
Does happiness follow?
Can a smile be measured
with a color that enhances life
colors fill the sky
closing in around us
Do we ever realize just why?
Do we need to understand how?
Without colors there would be no life
try to imagine a world
not a color in the sky
there would be no point
to wake from a dream
which grips us tight

Sunshine And Love


Jody Hartsell

We made it through the night

we got by with love

sometimes it didn't seem

...the sun would ever shine turns, all the same

how we revolve

....and still stand up

love is all we have

amazing how a power of will

pulls us in, keeps us warm

everyday as the sun comes up

....the days light

brings whatever comes our way

....good or bad....

just as we might give up

rainbows brighten our day

suprises of the heart

...sunshine and love...

...keeps us warm

For Katie


Jody Hartsell

Our Father in heaven
Hold her close to you
For your love is awesome

Lord, today you touched hearts
Even so slightly it seems
Tears fall like rain from giants
Hearts are touched by the love
A small child can bring us
As she walks beside you

Bravely she went to you
Loved by all she touched
In our hearts,
Our minds, our souls

Now I lay me down to sleep
My soul is yours to keep

Her peace is our peace
Her joy is our joy

Thank you Jesus

THe Wooden Box


Jody Hartsell

I gather the problems of my world and life
and begin to wrap each one up and place into a wooden box
sturdy to this great weight.
Then I added four great stones.

Then I made my way to the river and
slowly watched them slip out of sight.

The next morning I woke_.there at the foot of my bed,
the wooden box opened.
I fell to my knees and gathered all I could find.
Then once again, I placed four great stones,
then bound it closed with a chain and lock.
I strode to the river, waded just to the edge of the deep middle,
and watched it slide away.

The next morning I woke_and there I find this wooden box opened,
so I bent to gather the problems which will not stay away.
And again, I place them in this wooden box_sturdy,
for such a great weight I have placed upon its wooden cradle.

So again, I make my way to the river, there I followed the path along its shore,
to the steps of a pastor's house. There, I sat upon these humble steps,
for a moment to catch my breath, for such a great weight I had carried for so long.

I stood and then knocked, then stepping away as the big door opened,
swinging wide to reveal a mighty man who stood for Christ.

I spoke then of my problems, which I had gathered in this sturdy wooden box
and how I tried to displace them in the water deep.

The man of God then knelt over me and my wooden box.
Then one by one he reached in and prayed.
And with each prayer, my sturdy wooden box began to shrink_
'til only one wooden handle was left.

And with the one wooden handle, this man of faith handed to me and spoke
" take this handle as a new beginning and go forth with
a clean heart and renewed faith."

Little Dream Chaser


Jody Hartsell

Little boy,

What's going through your head

. . . are you off in Wonderland?

Little boy, laughing so

what does amuse you so?

Are you a dream chaser

. . . climbing ladders to the clouds

. . . riding rainbows to the ground

Little boy, when you grow up . . .

rainbows you will follow . . .

pots of gold at each end.

Little boy,

Little dream chaser . . .

you will find them all.

Midnite Sun


Jody Hartsell

Can one know,
of a world surrounded in shadow.

Can one feel,
A ray of midnite on their soul.

Can one touch,
An echo from the sound a shadow makes.
(an echo from the past)

Can one see,
Lightly dark - rays of hope
Rays which shine so dimly bright.

Casting a shadow of a shadow
upon a darkened soul.

Can one hear,
So silently loud

The movement of the moon
Slowly eclipsing
a midnite sun
fading into ........