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Kenneth Hart


Spotsylvania, VA, US

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The Vision


Kenneth Hart

Standing at the end of the earthen ring
Listening to the singer sing
I looked not at the show but up at the sky
For I knew I was to hear the cry
Of the eagle sent to find me there
Upon my arm he rested his flight
Dug in his talons to grasp me tight
I knew of his coming and had no fear
He leaned his head closer to my ear
He said time is short we soon must fly
You are to know that "many will die"
He said we must travel to a western land
And there you will find among the band
A Shaman who will know you by sight
For it is for you I have made this flight
Before we left he brought his head near
And with his feathers wiped my tear
Weeping not for the blood on my arm
But for all those who were to come to harm
And so the journey begins
Traveling to a drier land
with rocky cliff there dwells a band
and with this band a Shaman lives
and to his people guidance gives
he steps forth from his adobe home
his hair the color of sun-bleached bone
wrapped up in a robe of red
a broad brimmed hat upon his head
the eagle lights upon a post
I walk a measure to my host
"I have been expecting you" he will say
I have long prepared for just this day
What message do you bring from the eagle to me
For it is through you I know I will see
"many will die"
what else does the eagle have to say
I know we all have a part to play
"Have them bring the drum" I will tell him then
for the time has come for we who are men
to drum for the eagles they’ll show us how
and look to the sky they are coming now
so they will come by the scores upon score
thousands of eagles oh see how they soar
"set down the drum" and sit quietly by
all under the eagle's watchful eye
and on the drum the eagle begins to dance
pick out the rhythm I will tell the small band
you must relay it throughout the land
once you start drumming you must not stop
beat the same rhythm until ready to drop
then pass on your stick to you brother here
and keep up the pace and have no fear
you must spread the word throughout the lands
let no drum be silent with idle hands
all must beat the rhythm as the eagle has shown
see his brothers fly now to every home
of man throughout this world
the eagles will show them how
when every drum beats the same and the eagles return
when all is well again and the eagle bids us stop
I will rest
My time will have ended