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Stoughton, WI, US

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St. Valentine's Day


Samantha Hart

February 14th is one day of the year
When people all around are filled with
Love, hope, and fear
While some are exchanging cards,
Proclaiming "be mine",
Others are sneaking to the mailbox
In hopes that they'll find,
A red or pink heart from an anonymous friend
Placed there in hopes that
The day would never end

Children in classrooms in every school
Recieve small cards
Saying "I like you" and "You're cool".
In high schools teenagers blush and hide their faces,
When their sweetheart gives them teddy bears,or gifts decorated in laces.
And old married couples exchange candy and flowers,
And are happy just to talk and be together for an hour.

Valentine's Day is a day to
Love and daydream,
To privately read a poem and gleam,
With happiness, care, contentment, and joy,
And a day of romance for girls and boys.