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Martyn Harrison


Stockton-On-Tees, England, UK

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Wriggly Worm


Martyn Harrison

Wriggly worm,
Squiggle and squirm,
Across the ground,
Shiny and brown!

Wriggly worm,
Tickly worm,
Wriggle on my arm,
Tickle my palm!

Wriggly worm,
Jiggle and turn,
Twisting and twirling,
Creeping and curling!

Wriggly worm,
Jittery worm,
Laughing and giggling,
Never stops wriggling!

Bugs 'N' Stuff


Martyn Harrison

Bugs that wriggle
Beasts that giggle
Insects that crawl
Others play ball
Bugs that fly
And eat apple pie
Creatures that are buzzy
Furry and fuzzy
Loud noises in flight
Keeping me awake at night

Bumps In The Night


Martyn Harrison

Huge hairy arms
Large fingers and palms
Scary shaped shadow
Outside my window
Banging and crashing
Thumping and bashing
Bumps in the night
All give me a fright!

My Washing Line


Martyn Harrison

How many stripy socks are hanging?
I can see only two!
Next to my pants,
In which I like to dance,
The ones that are light coloured blue!

Two little birds!
Two little birds?
I didnít hang them there!
But then they fly,
Up into the sky,
Leaving my shirts clean and ready to wear!