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Winston-Salem, NC, US

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How Do I Praise You?


Sue Harris

How do I praise You, Lord
When my words are so time worn?
When the only phrases left have
Of their power been shorn?

How do I praise You
When I am so often confused and lost?
How do I praise You
When I need to praise You the most?

How do I praise You, Lord
How do I describe Your Amazing Grace,
When those very words
Have become so commonplace?

Do I get down on my knees
And lift my hands into the sky?
Does that give the words the power
To lift Your Name on high?

I will praise You from my heart
In a language my mind canít comprehend.
In words that havenít lost their power,
In phrases only You can understand.

I will praise You like the Psalmist
With words that paint a picture of Your love.
So that everyone can see
It comes only from above.

I will praise You when I am weak
Knowing it is Your Strength that makes me strong.
I will praise You when the days are short
And the nights, dark and long.

I will praise You when I am sleeping
In my dreams, I will know You are close.
When I least feel like praising You,
That is when I will praise You the most.

Now and forever to Your Glory
I will sing.
I will lift Your Name on High, Lord
And, in my life, Your Truth shall reign.