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Three Simple Words


Rhonda Harris

Three simple words
I am wanting to say

To make you happy
to brighten your day

These simple words
are easy to speak

It is your Heart, Soul and Love
I truly do seek

I open my heart to you
because my feelings are oh so true

So please tell me
these three simple words
I am longing to hear

If you will speak them
your love, I will hold near

To my heart, you know,
those three simple words?

They mean so much
to my heart
they will touch

I shall speak them to you
time and again

They mean so much to me
from beginning to end

So I will softly whisper
to you my dear

I love you

It will come to you
so clear

I love you

It will echo into a shout

I love you

There is no doubt

I love you

Hear the words ring out?

I love you!



Rhonda Harris

Whisper my love
tell me your secrets
tell me your desires

I long to hear you
to touch you and lay with you

I long to feel your breath
on my cheek

As we dance away
on the sand in the fires
warm glow

You can see the sparkle
in my baby blue eyes

You can see the love
that I have for you
as you hold my hand

We can hear the ocean
and the sounds of the frogs

We make love in the moonlight
dancing on our skin

You touch my heart
you hold my soul

You hold me tight
I whisper "Dont ever let go"

I feel your desire
touch my love nest

Lay me down in the cool night mist
lay with me for you lips I long to kiss

"Love me forever"
I whisper to you

Dont ever hurt me
because I love you

In the morning
we will rise

To face the reality of
our separate lives