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Christopher R. Harper


Lafayette, CA, US

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Christopher R. Harper

Worrysome souls wilt and wither wither without warning,
Carnivorously consumed by the constant precious pressures presented by the day to day
Finding fate fickle in morning, you yearn uselessly striving for that life liberty and pursuit of happyiness,
Promised by paper presidents,
Picture perfect promises portrayed so artfully by torture twisted formless faces,
Who weap desperate soundless sobs over the persistant prostituting of their sacrifice,
This is a portrait of the world in wich we live.
So now and then i'll drift away,
Lost, adrift apon vaporous vision of wierd wonderous worlds,
Where justice has new eyes and a sympathetic ear,
Where fate has found forgiveness in the arms of a mother,
& Where life is a unique purpose in its self,
Sometimes so content i become in these worlds that i wish i mite lose my way while wondering home,