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John Harper


Iowa City, IA, US

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How Fadingly It Was


John Harper

Became aware of an increasing
Wasn't much really in the mood
For a rippling of snaking events
Kinds which make one blunt
That feed as if real
It is like this even there I bet

Mast sailing under a lucid blanket
Of wishful
Down the waking
Called to the ocean
Now a file of ghosts whispering
Know the
Wrong or not
Was eons ago

Living evenly despite
Weren't there suspicions
Worming their way to the hull
Of the sentience mounting
Nicely but without mention gliding
Only just in this life
As fancied as twice stated dramatically
Because laws exist

How nervous can a voyage be
In the abtruse gut of the schedule
Want all of us to but
Imaginings that flip me around too often