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Stewart Hardy


Oxford, England, UK

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Love in Bass


Stewart Hardy

I caught your hand
When the beats stepped up
And you looked at me
Like a look was something else
(You knew) A gaze of rhythm
Floating around your shoulders
And in your hair, shining by the
Techno lights


Wed consummated our devotion
An hour ago, in some bright toilet
Sweat-stinking, muffled tunes
A pill, a swig and hope


But now, here, all of it immediate
I think
Im paid off
I know its true, I can see
Were both in a shell on our own
Thousands; yeh, around and
Down and getting down to it
Perhaps later, when I have the time
Ill talk to them all


But not just yet -
(Great innit? Your first time? I can see)
Holding hands and chests and
- Its all symmetry -
- You - - and - - me -
(Oh and Ecstasy)