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Holly Hardin


Oklahoma City, OK, US

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To Kelly


Holly Hardin

What's that? You're happy now?
There's no way I imagine how
After pushing and hitting and blowing me down
You feel like you've gained something
But you've really just drowned
I hope you know what you're doing
I hope you know that I'm dead
Or are you too blind and busy to get it through your fucking head?
Do you really even care?
Or am I just supposed to ignore it?
Fuck you asshole you're never there for me
You just laugh there with your fake happiness and contently sit
And if I try to make it obvious how sai I really am
You just laugh and shake it off then take orders on command
No you don't
You sit there in disgust
And don't care how I feel
I hate you asshole, but I like you a lot
maybe it's time I explain the whole deal



Holly Hardin

Oh God Oh God
If I had a gun I'd be dead
I feel like throwing up my life
I can't. I gag. There's nothing there
Not even the acids
I haven't eaten for that long
I'm so fucking skinny
Noone sees
People say thay're fed up with life
I'm so fucking hungry