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Dave Hardin


Louisville, KY, US

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Magical Charms


Dave Hardin

I've lost my dear charm
The pretty one, emerald green
The charm that keeps me safe
No worries from harm
T's the one you hold dear
Protecting you always
You have nothing to fear

I've looked everywhere there is
There is no other place it could be
Perhaps demons took it!
Or somthing that isn't quite Fae
Aye! A demon, or three or more!
Rechet old critters are they...
Never their mind on setting me free
Their bindings will not be torn

Through the dark clouds
From the East is a sight!
A new day is coming around
And through the dark haze
As the morning sun shines
You hear the Fay as they play
To hide from the day they are bound

Tricksters are they
Taking my magical charm
But wait as the sun comes up
Were the fairies really at play?
As I look well around
At all the Blessed Earth!
I know this to be a new Day!

My charm never left or was stolden
As the Fay saw me sad and crying
They had me believe of my loss
And knew I was a good solder
My charm is the Earth and the sky
And the magic I may seek?
Truly the wounderous life all around!
T's a blessing to live so say I