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Brian Hardie


Portland, OR, US

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Tomorrow Is Yesterday Is Today


Brian Hardie

Maybe the under garment was a diluted
Invite to sit in the rain. Iíll take the gift
And be on my way to the anti-suppressant
Seminar. Tomorrow and the recent past are only
Of great consequence in the meaning of truth. Tall tales
Collide when my hair is below my eyes, requesting
Permission to be blown in the wind. Reduce chest pains
By taking the anemic side.
Replace the rubber love boat by sneaking up on the great white.
Iíll sit on your porch and linger until a visitor comes to take
The silence away. Bring on the melodies under the surface,
And conduct an action of superior social livelihood. Bring down
The buildings, who ask the heavens for a little breathing space.
Walk past the racial differences in this October summer cold.
Bypass on feelings that concentrate on a friendless man in
Desolate bindings.
Forget punctuation and write a masterpiece.
Building blocks to a new failing future rip up the pages
That carries a childhood scent. Make public the little boy
On the sidewalk that opens his arms to any windshield wiper.
Iím too small to see when the resident explains. Walks right through me and
The daily paper notes. Iíll fast until I have to leave this
Criminal state of bliss. Walk to the empty room and leave the badge
Behind. Scribble your thoughts and keep a divine presence. Maybe the clouds
Will clear for my journey home.