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Kate Harbert


Fairmont, WV, US

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A lesson for the free one


Kate Harbert

Run with me so far away
Float like feathers through the day
Scream and cry let it all come out
Feeling free is what it's all about
Dance to the music of care free bliss
Taste the sweetness of a loved ones kiss
Soar to a natural high like believers do
Come do it again my friend yes you
Take off the covering of natures child
Let be free let be wild
Face you fears dont hide my friend
Come to be the one within
Go and do what you feel is right
Do what you need fight,fight,fight
Lay your head on the one you love
Fly my friend be that of above
Run again if you feel the need
Be yourself let you lead
Love yourself never forget
Escape the chains of hate and regret
Stay yourself I especially say
Go a little wild each and every day
Let this be a lesson a lesson you learn
To never let ones freedome turn.