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Diana Hansen


Vancouver, BC, CA

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Diana Hansen

somewhere I hear owls
their voices' slurring with the breeze
the milky oval
piercing far above my eyes
while I glare
through the broken glass

alone is a terrible place
to visit
cold, I huddle shivering
and the owl screeches a love song
which I cannot abide
to listen,
but I must

tearing claws rake across the skyline
reaching towards
the bloodied light, like
my own fingers
onto your slender wrist

I can still feel your clamy
fingertips smeared with the coldness
and my uncle shouting
why couldn't he be faster?
your plastered hair
more alive than you, resting
alone in my arms

the trip to the hospital
wails by in my head, hearing
that soundless owl
watching you dive into the rippleless water
and I know
it was my fault

even though I was only a child
your mother's tears pouring down my face
huddled I shiver, being questioned
by the penetrating
beams of the milky sky
where I sit
watching the moment
forever replaying my mind

mother has turned on
my nightlight,
she still will do that
although she has forgotten
how to kiss me goodnight, I let
you drown, I let
everyone sink into the calm
rippleless water

alone is a cold place
to live