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Brian Hannah


Ventura, CA, US

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Candle in the Night


Brian Hannah

Bang Bang Bang!
This sound rang through our ears,
As we saw the Nazis,
Our eyes filled with tears.
As bombs fell,
We thought we'd be safe,
Alone and quiet in out small hiding place,
But when someone yelled, "Check over here!",
Our faces ran white,
We were stricken with fear.
We decided to run to get out of that place,
We ran with tears washing soot from our face.
A single gunshot rang out,
My sister was dead,
A bullet had hit her in the back of the head.
My mother cried, my brother wept,
My father screamed,
More tears running down their cheeks.
All I did, was just stare straight ahead,
Imagining Hitler,
Then I said,
"That bastard! He had promised an end to our grief and our sorrow, but now our whole country will be gone by tomorrow."
My father stood up, and said, "He was a liar." He took a swastika and threw it in a fire.
We all sat down, and watched it turn from red to yellow to black.
When it was just ashes, I said, "I hope it won't be back."
I then stood up, and when no one was in sight,
For my sister,
For the dead,
I lit a candle, in the night.