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Jon Hannah


Anchorage, AK, US

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Jon Hannah

Can you imagine my thoughts?
Was my sanity something to be bought?
At times I wonder if I should,
could you understand it?

I wish you would...

Some struggle to understand this mortal coil;
others allow their hatred to burn to a boil,
like drops of water in a bowl
it makes a ripple allowing the rest to follow.

Seems like an endless violence,
dare us pray for the silence?
Will you speak so little of peace?
thinking so little of people in the least!

Tis it better to have loved and lost?
Forgetting the lines each have crossed?
Trapped in this cage...
trapped, trapped, trapped!

Ensnared by my rage.

A Lonely Act:


Jon Hannah

As darknes, again, opens her embrace,
I struggle to forget my disgrace.
My mind is clouded with wanton rage,
Enclosed within my nameless thoughts...
I entertain this world on a stage.

I continuously wear countless masks,
awaiting endlessley for time to pass,
lives pour by we want for nothing
and yet, people, always take something.

We break hearts and shatter lives
Wandering aimlessly accross the floor,
I search in vain for some support!
Avoiding contretemps when I can,
by myself, I cannot stand.

My life is spent and now I'm old
and plays remain, yet untold,
even the Reaper has died!

Yet, still within these walls,
until my final curtain call,
I'll face the audience at last
to take a bow, at the end of my lonely act.



Jon Hannah

the world wants you dead
society says there is no God
they tell me its in my head!
I tell you, somethings wrong!

depression comes and goes
i get drunk
i get high
then i want to die.

I've seen too much,
sometimes I wish I were blind!
everyone talks too much!
just shut up for a time!

deep in pain
can't bear these strains,
darkest pleasures,
pry against my restraints!

people tell me to go to hell,
(God! Their hatred burns!)
been there once before,
a place I know too well.

you beat me till I've bled,
I lift my head
and forgive you,
cause you were once my friend.

death rides a pale horse(indeed)
i have seen such a force
beyond the reaper,
beyond the grave,
I know the name of love(now)
and I'll NEVER be the same.