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Julie Hanna


Wimberley, TX, US

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Julie Hanna

If you need to find me soon
Look east of the sun, and west of the moon.
I'll be sitting, humming a tune
On another dog day afternoon.

Everyone's a critic, you can't please everyone.
A woman's work is never done.
So she jumped behind the gun,
and then there was none.

We'll never leave you alone they said.
We'll always be here if you need a friend.
But it was all just pretend.
They left me in the end.

What the hell happened to Superman?
He's looking for a place to land.
Up in the sky for months on end.
Trying to come and save me again.

They've all destroyed me piece by piece
With promises of special things.
Buying love it feels so sweet...
Until you kill your family.

I'll never forgive you I said,
Now that my insides are totally dead.
And I'm sure you'll all pretend
That it wasn't your fault in the end.