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Meghan Hanley


Guelph, ON, CA

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Meghan Hanley

Hello! How are you?
Not well? Such a shame!
I hope you get better,
was it because of the rain?
Did you stand out for hours
in a coat with no fill?
Ahh, so that's how you caught
such a terrible chill.
Did you hear about Julia?
Such a scandal indeed!
Alone with no job
and six children to feed!
And David, the idiot
is on one of the seas,
and has left me to care
for his nine apple trees!
The things are near dead,
they'll be hard to revive,
and poor Mrs.James,
was buried alive!
And dear Mrs.Potts -
she's got money galore
and you know, she wont
give her son Bill any more!
I heard a small rumour -
(but I didn't tell...)
I heard that all gossips
will soon go to hell!

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