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David Hankin


Winchester, Enlgand, UK

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David Hankin

Think of the tear falling from the eye,
Rising and swelling as we say goodbye.
Light footsteps slowly fading away
Forgotten rules, you cannot obey
From the darkness I feel your hate
My beating heart, you penetrate
My mind attacked, my soul oppressed
The innocent being, never blessed.

The lonely conscience of the forgotten soul
For each mere thought, there is always a toll
Their feelings they pour, onto the dust
To be wanted, needed, their only lust
Yet they still wander, alone in strife
The pointless existence of a meaningless life
Can nobody see? Will nobody try?
To this vicious world, they say goodbye_

She searches for her forbidden lover
But he has left, and found another
Her tears of blood, upon the floor
The figure of hate, stands at the door
This final breath, her fading pulse
The emotions inside, were truly false
Now as she approaches, the gates of hell
To the devil her soul, she is forced to sell