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Keith Hanich


Ceder Point, IL, US

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Night or Day


Keith Hanich

Can you see the rays
Shining down upon my face?
Shedding light all around,
While casting shadows on the ground.
Breaking free from clouds grasps.
Descending upon this earth,
like heaven opened up to us.

Can you see the dark?
It is there.
Lurking in the cracks and crevices
Underneath this sidewalk.
Pushed back by the rays,
But not for long.
Overhead another cloud mass looms this way.
Is it Night or is it Day?

Imprisoned in Myself


Keith Hanich

The soul screams and wails
Imprisoned in his cell.
A mortal coffin
Held fast by nails.

The bars he can not see.
Only colors dancing about.
A transluscent shell,
Barring his soul from being free.

The body sleeps.
The minds at rest.
The soul excapes for a bit,
Like children playing at recess.

But this time it does not last.
The mind stirs now.
The body cramps.
The soul returns still held fast.

The Devil Made Me


Keith Hanich

The Devil pulled my strings.
The Devil turned the key.
The Devil started my mind to think.
The Devil took control of me.

The Devil is to blame not me.
The Devil sat in this machine.
The Devil pulled the gears and levers.
The Devil said he'd make things better.

The Devil has now left me be.
And now my mind is clear to see.
The blood that has now stained the walls.
The blood that now flows down the hall.

The blade, still held within my hand.
Dripped like honey to the lamb.
And in the end I must confess.
The Devil made me do it none-the-less.

Sun's Blaze


Keith Hanich

I had a brush with death last night.
I met him on the way to work.
He sat next to me.
Reclined in the passenger seat.

My hair stood up, my heart raced.
I looked to him and then away.
Blinded by the Sun's blaze!
I could not see to know my fate.

The Plague


Keith Hanich

Come children gather round.
Sit and listen.
Hear the sound.

The courtwards full.
The begars plead.
The sick lay dying at their knees.

The smell is putred.
One of death.
There is no savoir, God has left.

Wagons churn
And fires burn.
There is no song or laughter heard.

Come children gather round.
Hear the weaping.
It's the only sound.

Death has come with scyth in hand.
Black Death has come to rid this land.
Of mortal woman and of man.

The Moment of the Dream


Keith Hanich

Dreams come to show.
Like movies playing in our heads.
From simple things to entertain
To far more complex things instead.

Some so real that all is felt.
Like pain and pleasure.
Like love and hate.
In others there is less at stake.

Dreams are woven from some thread.
Not of silk or spiders web.
Perhaps from faith in oneself.
Or just emotions, who's to tell.

Some come to us in colors.
Others tones of grey.
Some Stay with us for awhile.
Mostly quickly fade away.

Dreams come to show.
Dreams come to pass.
Dreams come and go.
They never last.

Life is Like


Keith Hanich

Life is like an upward battle.
Slaying foes that cross your path.
Their bodies lay behind you now.
Like fragments of a fading dream.

The wind it blows,
Like a fierce giants breath.
And the snow piles deep.
The jurney seems forever.

Cliff walls stand in front of your way.
Cutting into your palms,
Slowing your ascent.
The wind blows harder yet.

The air is thin
And your breath is short.
Your feet are frozen
And your clothes worn.

The end is in the horizen
Just as it was when you had started.
You look back at all you've done.
Pausing a moment, turning and moving on.



Keith Hanich

Sleep grips me tight.
It does not hurt but comferts instead.
Feels so nice just laying here.
All the muscles relaxing.
They're giving up on me after a day of work.
The pillow holds my head.
Reshaping itself to compensate for me alone.
The sound of silence rings in my ear.
All of this is to much to bear.
As my mind wanders off into

One With Me


Keith Hanich

Me, me, me.
I fill my heart, I fill my soul.

Me, me, me.
There is no one else that I know,

Me, me, me.
There is no other I call home,

Me, me, me.
I am nothing, everything, and one with all.

Altered State of Nothing


Keith Hanich

I lay in meditation,
Staring at the blackness of my lids.
Spots form in front of my eyes,
Turning into pictures that move pass me.
The undertow washes my mind into a new place,
A realm of dizziness.
I grab for something, but nothing grabs me back,
And I fall deeper into the unknown...

Slipping, Falling. He is Calling


Keith Hanich

I'm falling fast,
I can't control,
Falling deeper...
I've let go.

Panic fills me more and more,
Deeper yet...
Faster still,
Down I go.

Turning, falling,
Twisting, bawling,
The Beast is calling,
For my soul.

I try so hard,
To fight it off.
His wicked breath,
His icy touch.

Screaming only makes it worse.
The sound comes out,
No voice heard.
Who would listen to my words?

Darkness holds me tighter still,
My mind grows weak.
I have no will.
The coldness sends my spine a chill.

I pray to God,
A last resort.
Before I'm damned,
And my soul torn.

The answer comes,
Without a wait.
The darkness fades,
And dissipates.

I'm flying now.
Still moving fast.
Moving upward.
Free at last.

The air is warm,
And clears my thoughts.
I gain control.
The Beast has lost.

The day will come,
Once again,
When we will meet,
I pray I win.

The Real Circle of Life!


Keith Hanich

The circle begins.
You step in.
To soon find out,
There is no end...

There is no exit,
From whence you came.
You've entered life,
The ultimate game,

You rise for work,
Come home and veg.,
Eat a meal,
And slip in bed,

The alarm soon rings,
Your minds a mess,
You start the car,
And head to work again,

Life now blurs,
It flashes by.
Your sitting still,
Yet years the fly.

You go to work.
You eat to live.
Quickly consumed,
Doomed for there is no end!!!



Keith Hanich

Her smiles fall upon mine eyes.
Her lips moist and red,
Red like the driest wine that i have tasted.
Pools of blues and greens float just below her lashes,
Casting sparks of the candle light to whom ever catches her gaze,
For luck would have it that would be me.
She is standing there paused in time,
My memory is filling quickly from it,
Gathering up all that i sense and feel.
Her face, her smell, her silence, and the touch of the moment to my soul.
Her body floats to mine,
But there are no hidden wires that carry her to my side.
Strands of auburn hair hang from her,
With a scent that is locked into them.
Her hands trace my body,
Carving out every feature, then mine to hers.
The candle wonders about the wick,
Sending its dancing light to the walls of the room.
Our bodies connect with each other till they fit,
Like that one missing piece of a jig-saw puzzle.
My consciousness thinks of nothing, meditating only on the feeling of,
Our souls sharing one another.
We move in rhythm as if some hidden song moves us both.
The end of the experience is drawing near,
But for both of us the feeling will linger,
Like dew on the morning grass,
Until the sun has given up enough warmth for it to evaporate from us.
I'm not sad it is over. No...
I look forward to another,
Night of Sharing Ourselves.

Losing You Now and Forever


Keith Hanich

She holds him tight,
Scared to let go.
Tears dive from her eyes,
Splashing like a soft summer rain upon his shoulder.
Her lip quivers at his slightest touch.
There are no words that come to her for the way she feels.
Her hands clench into fists and her eyes close.
Another drop of sadness falls...

He holds her in his arms,
Like so many times before.
The wetness runs down his back,
It feels cool in the heat of their closeness.
His mouth, pressed tight together, does not flinch.
He stays quiet savoring the moment.
Staring off into the hallway, he lets his arms drop to her side.
The door to freedom is well within his grasp.

"This will soon be over, and I can move on."
They think to themselves,
One as an affirmation that she will be strong,
The man as if, matter-of-fact, knows the
"Freedom of Losing You Now and Forever."