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Mary Handricken


Bridgewater, MA, US

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Mary Handricken

Are you staring? Tell me why.
Do my looks, satisfy?
Are my lips plush, my eyes wide,
My cheeks blushed or my nose lined?
Do you think I'm a goddess with beautiful hair
Or a perfect figure with skin creamy clear?

Who cares about these things?!
There's much more to me.
If all you see is the outside
You don't really see.
Because I am a woman,
The truest kind.
Truth is my sense
And I don't let pride blind.

Well go on... walk on by
But before you do
I invite you to stop
A minute or two.
Quickly then,
I will gather and pick
Out each thought
That has you tricked.
And then I'll scatter them
Into the wind
So you never see a woman
The same again.