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For ever we will be



Lying in bed thinking about the tears
that fell upon your face.
Not Knowning your tears
will hurt me.

Fearing the next day you will be gone
and outof my life
Which i can't bare to think of how i would be
with out you in my arms.

Me not knowning about your past
made me clueless
Now that you opened up to me
you opened up my heart.

We are both scared of leaving
eavh other.
There is nothing to fear just
hold my hand and never left go
Kiss me now and forever we will be

Poem: By Hanan Eid

Innocent Hearts



Sitting down watching TV
Hearing about the death of the innocents
Tears that drain the eyes of children
Mothers carrying their loved ones hearts
Sitting there watching kids suffering
Crying their soul out watching the unbearable
Holding memories inside their hearts
Babies crying for attention
Crying out for help, thinking can they hear me?
Looking around
Trying to visualize reality
Is this it? Is this how it shall be for the rest of their lives?
Reminiscing back into time
Wishing they were never born
Asking god why? Why did he have to take mommy and daddy?
Waking up the next day only to find there is no home, no food
Nothing but tears that fall down like rain_
Waiting for the moment of truth
Can they take the pain and go on with life as it comes?
A question I canít answer
Undivided attention, is what they need
Not wanting anybody to feel bad
Not wanting anybodys money
Donít want sympathy
Only wanting love
Only wanting someone to care
They only get weapons to fight for their rights
Subtracting many existing loved ones from their life
Adding more pain
Multiplying more danger
Dividing hatred between the countries
You do the math no matter how you try to solve it
Youíll always get
Negative innocent hearts