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Jon Hammond


Plainfield, IL, US

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Jon Hammond

I walked upon you at bay,
I grabbed your hand and showed you the way,
the only way you would go,
out there not with us,
you were moving rather slow,
yout old me 9 minutes past the rock,
I-dumb founded of what you said,
I discriminated you from human,
you are nothing more than a ruin,
I nailed you to the cross,
showing you your significants,
of your true existances,
you are only treated like a possesion,
slavery will creep up our backs,
without notice cruelty reveals good byes,
the clearness of your mind,
shows build up lies,
i drain your blood of insanity,
in a jar i hold upon myself,
you were nailed,
your contagous to us,
i take your corpes off the cross,
we all stare, bare together in depression,
knowing your worn away.

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