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Nero Hameed


Bradenton, FL, US

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Nero Hameed

I sit in silence.
A soft light seems to sit upon my face.
Pondering, some phrases form concepts
Of a place--
Captured in thought, freed from phrases,
Pictures like raindrops--
Hard to count, hard to hold.
I'm lost in mazes.
Bent like old age,
I want to remember
Bright lights and smiling faces.
Still I tread in water wondering,
What is that which touches
Intangible places?



Nero Hameed

Raindrops are pretty.
They make a big big puddle,
I like to jump in.

Raindrops can be stonge.
Raindtops can be real gentle.
Raindrops are pretty.

They're like the sunshine.
They fill me with happyness
Raindrops are pretty.

that was not me


Nero Hameed

sorry guys the web master made it to easy for some one to post false works under someones name the untitled one is not mine.