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Cathy A. Hall


Rogers, AR, US

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Hear The Children


Cathy A. Hall

I hear the childrens voices
I hear them every where
They're calling to me softly
Looking for someone to care.

They only want a place
They can call their own
A little spot on earth
They can call a home.

They need someone to hold them
Someone who'll understand
Someone who'll just love them
And lend a guiding hand.

So put away your fears
And open up your heart
And give another child
A place to make a start.

Dedicated to all the children of the world.

My Soulmate


Cathy A. Hall

You stepped into my life
One bright Sunny Day.
You showed me so very much,
How the game was played.

You slipped into my heart
So very easily is seems.
Brought me lots of hope,
Gave me wonderful dreams.

We rode upon the clouds,
Drifted with the winds;
Held hands thru the forrest,
Frolicked in the glens.

We loved and laffed togather,
For hours without end,
Nothing else mattered,
Only the time we had to spend.

Then one day it happen,
In the blink of an eye;
You were gone, and I alone
Was left to wonder why.

I'll keep you in my heart,
Your soul close to mine;
Until the day you return,
Across the spans of time.

Little Dove


Cathy A. Hall

Little Dove flying high and free,
Floating along, upon the breeze.
Loving the land the rocks and trees,
Looking out for you and for me.

She closes her eyes and feels the pain,
The Earth is calling out her name.
Something is wrong, what can it be?
Man's distroying all that she sees.

They're taking all from the land,
With never a thought of future man.
What will be left for them to come,
What will be left for daughter and son?

She sends out a call to you and me,
She's asking for help, can't you see?
To fight the fight against the wrong,
To bring us togather, make us strong.

Togather a difference we can make,
To protect the World and make it safe;
So join togather, complete the Dream
Of air so clean and Earth so green.

Look soaring high above the land,
Thinking the Earth sure looks grand.
It's Little Dove upon the breeze,
Flying high and feeling pleased!