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Stacey Hall


St.Georges, Bermuda

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The Shade Of My Identity


Stacey Hall

Why do people judge me
by the colour of my skin
not by the content of my character
not by the dignity within
My complexion is always acknowledge,
with each and every passing day
when someone glances or stares
or has something handicap to say.

As a child of colour I was often
the source of many jokes
not only by my peers
but also by my folks.
I questioned what was different
because I felt the same,
but as I became older
I learned that life is not a game.
At a young age I mastered
ignoring judgement remarks,
I also learned that life was different
for the "lights and the "darks"

As a teen
my strength was growing
and my personality began to expand
I was growing into my person
I began to demand
my mother had always
taught me
to be proud of who I was
she told me to do what was right
not what someone wants me to do or does

Now that brings me to who I am today
and what my future holds,
I don't know if ideas will change
I will see as life unfolds
I know I am tired of being called "chocolate"
The rule of misconception that most,
dark skinned women are unattractive
and deserve to be ridiculed.