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Daniel J. Hall


Norfolk, VA, US

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Golden Angel


Daniel J. Hall

Golden Angel, on golden wings dost fly,
Wiping away mohammed's tears,
Singing of the night as dawn passes by.

You who beauty dare not deny,
Established Israel's forty years,
Golden Angel, on golden wings dost fly.

Thy flaming sword be ever not shy,
Clipping men's threads with golden shears,
Singing of the night as dawn passes by.

Ye who were with, Jesus on high,
Who Jews, Muslims, and Christians lend all ears,
Golden Angel, on golden wings dost fly.

Sweet balm on men's faith, you cry,
Quieting their souls, filled with fears,
Singing of the night as the dawn passes by.

Creator of three religions, Why?
Revealed to the prophets so filled with jeers,
O Golden Angel, on golden wings dost fly,
Singing of the night as the dawn passes by

Thin Illusions


Daniel J. Hall

Friendship and love...
two words; feelings, the littlle things letting each know
he's alive.

friendship and love...
What happens when you lose two words? ask my friend;
he's dead.

do not go gentle into that goodnight?
rage, rage against the dying of the light?
he's alive?

good fences does good neighbors make?
a defensive wall does good lovers make?
he's dead?

with each new day each must find
for him what is a reason to go on, so
he's alive

when the vacuum of lonliness enters
the twilight blue eyes of personified beauty, remember,
he's dead

to be called a distressed individual,
we illusion the pettiness of the act.
everyone has such problems,
we create for ourselves a pact.
blaming and persecuting the deed,
or the social grace he lacked.

dreaming of the memories that keep him...
love and friendship, we killed him...



Daniel J. Hall

An artificial Darkness invades My sleep,
dreams Of forgotten Lore are Interrupted,
By sounds And electronic Waves.
Something, i Forget what, Crows twice
as The orb I barely Recognize
Tweaks the Azure matrix Above my
I look Out at The barren Wilderness of
Nothing to Feed me. Walking silently,
except For the Constant buzzing Of
My audio Processors, i Visualize the
metal Dragons smoking...With their Sharp
Claws tearing The ground And their
foul Breath hanging In the Air.
I realize What i Have lost.
i Wish only I could...
the World is Too much With

Stillness Pervades


Daniel J. Hall

As the sun falls upon the face,
with the deep violet-blue eyes of twilight,
the Wind blows, the smell of clover from the field,
I stand still...
As the pale moon issues forth its shine
upon the soft hair of a crying angel,
the Wind blows, the smell of dew on the grass,
I still stand...
As the stars glittering presence shows a smile
upon the honey-sweet lips of a gentle Calypso,
the Wind blows, the smell of the ocean beyond the cliffs,
Still I stand...
As the sun breaks through the slumbering night
upon the softly curved neck uplifted towards the Heavens,
the Wind blows, the smell of perfume scents the breeze.
Stand I still?

Time Is Waiting For Thee...


Daniel J. Hall

On the darkside of my life a nexus forms,
you eclipse the dreary sable night of my life,
your radiance causing Time to wait.
Like Nature, you bring forth great change,
the fluidity of your motion stirring ripples,
in the very fabric of Time.
Frozen and barren once, life begins
anew, each new day within the warmth of your
smiles, preventing even Death from you.
Time is standing still,
holding you in his frozen embrace because...
like your love, your charm is immortal.

Long Walk Home


Daniel J. Hall

Rambling blind...
Twin beams throw daggers into my shattered spirits...
All I see is Venus...
she points the direction home.

Rambling deaf...
Roaring engines wall away my train-wrecked thoughts...
All I hear is Venus...
she sings the direction home.

Rambling mute...
Silent words peace together my flustered outlook...
All I speak is Venus...
she tells the direction home.

Rambling numb...
Cold winds bite through my plan of action...
All I feel is Venus...
she prods the direction home.

Rambling without scent...
Rancid sweats open holes into my secluded delirium...
All I smell is Venus...
she marks the direction home.

Rambling for hours through the cold, wet, silent, darkness...
I speak to my friend the wind...
It is a long walk home...
and my Venus awaits.

...And They Were Watching


Daniel J. Hall

Never Before Had The Multitude Seen
an Angel More Fair Than They,
The Tears That Rolled Down Their Heavenly Cheeks
...And They Were Watching

This Woman of Beauty,
Who Helen Herself Does Pale Beside,
Brought Tears That Rolled Down Their Cheeks
...And They Were Watching

They Lived Her Fears, They Felt Her Pain.
They Moaned in Anguish at The Love That Couldn't Be,
And Tears Rolled Down Their Heavenly Cheeks
...And They Were Watching

Until One Day She Was No Longer Alone,
a Strong Young Man Whose Heart Was Strong,
Also Brought Tears That Rolled Down Their Cheeks
...And They Were Watching Still

They Saw The Love That Blossomed,
a Love of Innocense, like the Girl
Who Made the Tears Roll down Their Cheeks
...And They Were Watching Still

They Saw the Children Come Forth
with Laughter in Their Hearts, Little Joys to the World
Oh, the Tears That Rolled down Their Cheeks
...But They Were Watching Still

until the Moment the Girl Laughed No More
The Man And The Fair Girl Were Laid Side by Side
The Tears No Longer Rolled Down The Heavenly Cheeks
...And They Watched No More

the Multitude Just...Cried.