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Ayah Halilah


Amman, Jordan

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The diamond of my life


Ayah Halilah

Horrendous thoughts rushing through my brain
The fact that I couldnít escape them was driving me insane
I felt resentment raging viciously through my vein
Attacking my heart it was causing severe pain
The seclusion and silence was killing me
You were my sanctuary you made me feel so heavenly
My mind would float just being with you
Like yards of mallow in my heart it felt so true
But now youíre gone so is the feeling
That when ever Iím in pain it seemed to be the only healing
The heat of my tears vitrified my face
I struggled to keep them locked tightly in their place
You were the diamond of my life like a ray of light
That lights up the world and make it shine bright
Yet despair and fear are building inside
And not a place to run nor a place to hide
I tried so hard to find someone to blame
Because since the day I lost you, I have never been the same.