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Dempsey Hale


Lexington, KY, US

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Dope Dealing Kids In The Street


Dempsey Hale

kids are selling dope in the street
propositioning everyone they meet
so they can make their quota for the week

i'm talking about kids that should be meek
but they made an autumn leap
and they are on top of the heap
dressing neat and think they cant be beat
two hundred dollar shoes on their feet
living in a suite riding in a jeep
with a pager on their side going beep beep beep

yes talking about kids trying to compete
selling drugs like its something neat
but dont play them cheap for they are carrying heat
and will put you to sleep
leaving you laying in the street
while they terrorize the neighborhood like its a treat
all you can do is sit and weep
cause if youre smart talkin they knock you off your feet
and leave you laying in the street
and you could wind up six feet deep
dealing with dope dealing kids in the street

what are we going to do about the kids


Dempsey Hale

kids can be vile
they think it's the style
doing things not allowable
anything to please the crowd
kids done get hostile

kids are out on their own
driving big old cars
with a wireless phone
want to be known
when they should be at home
instead all along out there in the drug zone

yes i'm talkin about kids
kids on dope going through life like it was a joke
too dumb to vote
can't cope
and all their money going up in smoke
God is their only hope
yes it's a sin and a shame
we got kids trying to make a name
sniffing smoking selling cocaine
wearing choke chain and diamond rings
trying to play the gangster game
put people in pain
leaving their brethern face down in the rain
with a bullet in his brain
and every day it's the same old thing

i believe that the kids
have gone insane

The Street Kid's Shiver


Dempsey Hale

Again I lowerd my head this morning
Leaving the bathroom stall
It seems Im trying to avoid the mirror
resting on the restroom wall
I pleaded with my reflection to lie to me
and then I ponderd the concept of honesty
It seems Ive faked every step it took to get here
right down to the shoes on my feet
"whatever it takes to get what you need"
the only language the street can speak
So wanting what you need converts
to needing what you want
and everything you have you realize
is nothing that youve bought
But isnt it all apart of the game we play
to stay away from the dreadful minimum wage?
Dosnt it all justify in a way?
Daddy dropped the scene
till his baby hit sixteen
same age as his wife when she became a dope fiend
and just couldnt keep that baby in
her belly clean
Im sure adults give birth
to great people
but when babys make babys
being great just isnt able
Im trying my hardest to do my best
Still striving to avoid the poor-man's shiver
Still wareing thin my liars shoes
Still avoiding the restroom mirror.

Numb Feelings


Dempsey Hale

Every day I wake up
Find me a stray cup
Fill it with the strong stuff
Then my eyes turn blood shot

How can I explain
Maybe it just all in my brain

They told me not to call
But it's hard not to listen and fall

I'm a discrase
Please put me to erase

The black sheep is how I feel
I try not to take it out on my friends
but it seem like they want me to steel

Just take another pill
It will help you not to fee
what do I see in my face
Just another junky to waste