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D. L. Hale


Knoxville, TN, US

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My Elaine


D. L. Hale

I was young at the time, and I was weak and broken.
Soldiers have such times when feeling alone, sickly or near death.
I had just recovered from a bout of something
it was thought possibly the dreaded "Legionnaire's disease."

However, that day was so special to me.
It was the day my parents were coming to see me.
Weak but excited I walked down to meet them.
My daddy had never gone to war but he knew I would be soon enough.

The walk lasted some time.
Excited as I was, I guess the illness still had a slight grip on me,
but there a short distance away I saw my mother and dad,
and with them they had the one girl that I had been in love with
since our first meeting, so many years ago.

I wanted to run to her and to them but youth betrayed me
and I became shy and self-conscious.
Oh yes, she had never seen me with no hair I was so embarrassed.
But, we had a great visit and by the day's end
when they were preparing to leave my heart felt sad
I wanted her to stay forever. My Elaine.

Wars come and go and mine went,
it would be over twenty years before I could be with her again.
But now she is, and will be till our end, my Elaine.
David Hale