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Jonathan Hale


Industry, PA, US

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The Question


Jonathan Hale

A mystery for the remainder of the days.
Left to ponder a question that stings the brain and drowns the heart.
Who could take the most precious gift?

A puzzle for the abandoned to put together.
The bright sun woke the sleepy sole from its slumber.
Who could take the most precious gift?

A riddle with a common answer.
Seek peace and comfort from above, it never fails.
But still I wonder.
Who could take the most precious gift?

The Journey


Jonathan Hale

A quest that has no ending
A gaze inside the soul
A search without pretending
Less than everything is whole

A time when one will realize
After the journey had long since soared
No conclusion exists with a prize
Rather, the ongoing struggle is the reward



Jonathan Hale

Attractive in so many ways
Where shall I begin
On enchanting eyes with delicate gaze
Or frame so cloaked with supple skin

Maybe the mind is where I'll go
Taking praise and remarks to flatter
An intellect too strong, a falsehood she'll know
Sincerity of words is sure to matter

Reach the soul by touching the heart
A great task indeed
But this is where I decided to start
By writing this poem for thee