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Dagem Hailemariam


Rockville, MD, US

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Pain and Shame


Dagem Hailemariam

Pain to my right, pain to my left, pain in front, and pain behind_.

Where can I go where there is no pain,
Peace is all I want to attain.

Two teens are dead, in a pizza place,
in Israel; another suicide bombing.

Five Palestinians dead in an Israel; retaliation.

It is an outrage; Anger, So pissed-off angry.

Trapped in an invisible cage of anger.

What are we to do? There are children playing.
They are playing a game of Human Slaying.

Shame to my right, shame to my left, shame in front, and shame behind_

Why would you want them to play this game?
Where all that is won is a trophy of shame.



Dagem Hailemariam


Why do we try, in our minds, to understand why?

When in our hearts, is where it starts.

Love in life; we desire strife. It is an awful smell, the stench of hell.

We care so much; but a few in the bunch; they spoil it for the others.

Can you hear me brothers? I do not understand how you can still lend a hand.

It is hard to still care when I see how the children fare.

The price they pay; in their deathbeds they soon will lay.

My land, your land; Israelís land, Palestineís land_
Death is at hand_ how can they not understand.


I ask the heavens, why must the children die?

They die in the name of Allah and the coming of Messiah.

Families torn apart, there is no answer that can satisfy the heart.

There is no gain , in the pain; no message to attain, when a child is slain.

What do your hearts contain?

Do you hear your childrenís souls crying?

It is obvious you are lying, when you say you are trying,

when your children are still dying!


They are little boys and girls
who know no thrills.

They accept death may come today,
because of the games the adults choose to play.

Wake up world to the stories untold,
to the devil all our souls soon will be sold.

I shed a tear because in my head, a childís cry is all I can hear;
my biggest fear: The virus spreads worldwide,
no place to hide, by the truest laws we choose not to abide.

Now or Never


Dagem Hailemariam

We have many choices to make and for our sake we pray we know what path to take.

Our memories, if we let them, can flood us;
run over us and enable anger to ooze out like puss.

Every pain we have suffered, big or small, will be our battle call;
tripping us up, causing us to fall.

And then we will forget what caused the pain.

Living our lives in a pattern that is insane.

Our energy we will drain, living life in the fast lane.

Then, we hit a dead end, we bend 180 degrees,
trying to transcend back to when we did not have to pretend
and our sanity we did not have to defend.

Looking for the way back to yesterday, borrowing from tomorrow,
we often forget about today, as we play to Time, as its prey;
asking, "where did we go astray?" No more questions and no more proclamations;

no more hesitations and no more lack of patience.

Today I vow to loosen the bind that has been holding me blind.

Today I vow to find my peace of mind.

Today I vow to leave the madness behind.

We have to realize that we will not live forever.

We should endeavour to change our behaviour.

It is now or never to work to make it better.

If we could get along...


Dagem Hailemariam

If we could get along,

Like the melody and words of a good song.

If we could forget our hated differences, and let go of our pretenses.

If we could all be kind and colour-blind,
and we had compassion in our minds.

If we all could remember the words of Britonís Lennon,
and "come together" as brethren.

"Imagine" the world this could be.

"Imagine" the world our children would see.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace,"
seems like such a tease.

America's race for humanity...


Dagem Hailemariam

Further and further I fall. Can I say "I gave it my all? I cannot tell a lie."

Some Americans are pigs and the world is their sty.

"The land of the free," if you can afford the fee.

It is "the home of the brave;" words written by a man who owned a slave.

I welcome death, free in my heart; rather than prejudice tearing my heart apart.

The white Americans, of the present , will say, "it is not our fault."

But they must accept the past that is in their vault.

They must add up that the past leads to the present.

And ask, "what future hath the child of a servant?"

Stop talking and understand;
White America fixed, for them, a better hand.

It started in Jamestown and 400 years later the minority is still being held down.

Do you agree the fairness of the game has been nothing but a shame?

Enough with love


Dagem Hailemariam

I have had enough when it comes to love.
Love once, Love twice and Love times three
never to be free.
From birth to death they profess
love will bring you happiness.
The songs we hear
siren when love is around ecstasy is near.
"Iím gonna love her till the heavens start to rain.
Iím gonna love her till the stars fall from the sky."
For me, unfortunately, I can only feel the break it can bring
the screams and the cries that are left in my ear to ring.
Feeling it all, to grow; fortunate to know;
not knowing how to show
all that I feel.
When will I heal?
Do I like being hated?
Is that what I have been fated?
No flattery,
With nothing left but poetry!

It is a wonder why we can not


Dagem Hailemariam

It is a wonder why we can not hold onto our compassion as we do our time.
Nothing but time; I have nothing but time.
It is a wonder that people exist to suffer_ it is a wonder?
What is being done to ensure our peace-of-mind?
What does it take to satisfy you?
So many homeless; do I care how they got there?
Would I go hungry today for a hungry person not to?
I can not understand why I am being so harsh_ they are suffering.
A walk in time is a walk through time.
No room for blame, for blame just gets in the way.
No room for regret; no room at all.
They are hungry.
They have not eaten.
There is a price on survival and some can not pay the fee.
It rains on their lives; it mostly pours.
It is a small hell; is it not?
Maybe I just donít understand, maybe I do.
It hurts when I can not help.
It depresses me.
It is all a perspective.
The forgotten_ the undesirable_ the nameless_ the homeless_
I can not say the painless.
But the pain they have gotten used to.
What can I do I am just one.
Can I do enough?
I have had enough.

From a bump in the road


Dagem Hailemariam

From a bump in the road, I now see my way.
It almost created a stay;
A stay in the way of my dreams,
in which I could play;
Play through a bliss-filled day.
A dream salvaged from yesterday.
A time in which darkness and tyranny did weigh.
A time when it seemed worthless to pray.
A time when fear led my way.
My soul I would have been willing to pay
To have made it all go away.
It was and is real all I feel,
Even if it did happen yesterday.
I still am afraid of it today...
..anyone have a drink?
I want or better yet need to forget to think!

Shadows of an angry heart


Dagem Hailemariam

Shadows of an angry heart, an angry soul and heartless body, fall over the area where I once lay happy and content.
Screams ring in my ears of heart breaks and curses.
But worst of all screams of those who should love me, screams of those who no longer do.
I spin around wishing that everything will disappear wishing that when my eyes are open it will all be clear.
Green grass and dripping tears; no more love lives here.
Crouched in corners and horrible thoughts I cannot go on.
I am nothing but hate; I reek of anger and tears.
I do not deserve the love that I am not given.