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Lois Haglund


Crystal Falls, MI, US

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Winter Now!


Lois Haglund

Like Quick-silver, the icy breeze slips
thru the trees and across the creek......
Now, stopping for a brief encounter
with a finger or a cheek.....

Now, flittering out in profuse ripples
to chill one's deepest soul.....
Summer's tattered shawl... blown away... as
Winter blusters in to assume his role....

Wait ! The word hangs frozen... suspended.....
Wait ! I'm not ready... not Now, Oh No !
Not Ready, to face the interminable days of siege
With a merciless foe outside my window !

Yes! It's Time, for the quicksilver blade of a breeze
To now be an awesome, deadly blow....
I Know... and remember Why I fear and I dread,
I Must... I Can... I Know!