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Sandra Hagle


Portland, OR, US

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Like Heaven


Sandra Hagle

I thought I knew love, what did I know?
Where does it come from, where does it go?
Uncertainty is all I'm sure of
Lord, pity the poor fool in love with love.
Holding you is like heaven, this much is so.

Forgive me if I dream out loud
My heart is full, my head is bowed.
I cannot say love's forever or fair
But I believe it's right while it's there.
Just a small taste of heaven is all we're allowed.

Tied up by terms we choose to speak in
Love should empower, love should not weaken.
Faith carries you where hopes are vested
Each step of the way, always being tested.
If love is a light, you are the beacon.

I thought I knew love, how much did I know?
Love is a river, bittersweet it does flow.
In the storm's eye, it's not some fair-weather friend
Is love a circle, no beginning or end?
Hold me and it's heaven, don't ever let go.



Sandra Hagle

My heart melted
Came out as tears
No one else felt it
No one else hears.

My heart's an eagle
Restless to soar
I'm stuck on this steeple
Down the tears pour.

Hearts are like wheels
Rolling along
Right at your heels
Those tears push you on.

My heart knows me
All my hopes and fears
When it scolds me
It comes out at tears.