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April Dawn Hagan


Rosamond, CA, US

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coming of age


April Dawn Hagan

This chaotic disarray;
This life of fear;
This hateful world;
This crystal tear.

This fateful hour;
This burning flame;
This ugly pity;
This forgiven shame.

This meaningful word;
This deceptive lie;
This truthful desire;
This lengthy sigh.

This hurtful call;
This new day;
This strange relief;
This old-fashioned way.

This lonely silence;
This one dance;
This perfect match;
This last chance.

In a way, it’s all the same.
The days went and the days came.
In this ever-changing world, deceitful and strange,
To them it’ll always be the "coming of age".

we refuse to see


April Dawn Hagan

We refuse to see.
We refuse to believe.
We ignore the obvious,
but accept everything that was meant to deceive.
Our hearts are hardened.
Our eyes are closed tight.
We’re buying our beliefs,
and protesting our rights.
We cry out against the death sentence,
but are too scared to say anything about
the little helpless babies being killed every day.
What’s there to smile at.
What’s there to be proud of?
We say we want to stop.
Why aren’t we out there doing something?
Instead we’re standing here,
saying acceptance is needed,
and we’ll all get along great.
Trying to justify, we say,
"There’s more than one way."
Everyone’s beliefs are considered right.
What a lie.
Why won’t anyone get up and fight?



April Dawn Hagan

Our worlds fall down;
turn around and walk away.
Under the smoke, you'll find yourself;
& I feel all right.
Like a fallen fairy get up & try again.
She's allowed to play with guns.
I can see her begging.
She's choosing her destiny.
I can see the guilty plea.
Although she thinks she's sure,
she gives back one and a quarter more.
Behind that silver jacket
and boots a size too big,
she hides all day.
Behind flickering candles,
sleep comes too late.
Like those long lines,
they'll always make you wait.
"Thank you, come again."
With those dreams, you'll never win.
How irony loves to laugh in the faces
of those who don't believe.
Bring me a pen and find the words.
Don't be deceived.



April Dawn Hagan

Here so dark
Here so slow
Wanting to move
Wanting to show

Sweet like sugar
invisible touch
So far away
I miss too much

Hiding behind stones
Hiding behind bricks
Knowing it isn't your own
Knowing it never sticks

Sweet like sugar
Invisible touch
So far away
I miss too much

Something more or
Something less
Leaving this world
Leaving this mess