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Kathy Hadizadeh


Los Angeles, CA, US

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Kathy Hadizadeh

My friend: Ursa Minor
I spent my days
For night to come
To send my lonely eyes to visit you

Last night you were not alone
Not anymore: Another constellation was near you
More vivid, more shiny with a shape as a heart
I counted the stars: 7 and so bright
And I felt them so close

I asked you the name
You gave me: Columbia
You winked and said:
You are not alone with Columbia

I was startled
Sent my eyes around on earth
And saw millions of wet eyes
Sending homage to Columbia
Then I knew
Columbia was nothing but eternality of 7 human dreams
To be remained near you forever and a day.

Your Name


Kathy Hadizadeh

I was in Iran at the time of the Iran Iraq war. To this date the fear that I experienced of dying at the speed of an eye blink for no apparent reason, the fear of losing all my hopes and dreams is with me , inside me and stabs me at heart when I see any other human being getting entangled in the same vicious circle for reasons beyond their will power.

Your visage
So ugly, so scary
Frightens me to the bone:
Red, swollen with disorderly teeth.

Red as the red siren at the time of bombardment
I still hear in my ears
After all these years gone by
When I hear them talk
Of none but YOUR NAME.

Swollen as all the fear swollen in the depth of my eyes
In every single beat of my heart
When hiding under wooden tables
When escaping to the street shelters
To protect my open eyes, my beating heart
At those times where there was no word
Spoken among us but YOUR NAME.

Disorderly as your teeth
At those time of paralyzing fear of falling bombs and missiles
We did all we could to keep our eyes live
We did all we could to avoid closing of their dying eyes
At the era of regiment of none but YOUR NAME.

Oh, I am so sick of you
So tired, so fearful
Of having you again
Anywhere on this planet
That I cry loud:
Go away, Go awaaay ..
Leave us alone, you, damned WAR.

Donnez-nous Notre Soleil!


Kathy Hadizadeh

Donnez-nous Notre Soleil!

Par Kathy Hadizadeh

Le téléphone a continué à sonner.

Juste continué à regarder le téléphone.

N'a pas même pris la peine d'arrêter tous ces anneaux.

Les appels sont venus et ont demandé:

vous cachez le soleil?? Répondu: Non.

Raccroché et souri.

Certains sont venues à la porte, criant: avez-vous caché notre soleil??

A tenu les oreilles. Reposé là et froncé les sourcils.

Le jour suivant ou ainsi, sont venus les milliers de personnes.

Tout fâché, tout frustré.

N'a pas même pris la peine de demander.

N'a pas même frappé sur la porte. A ouvert la tête et a emporté leur soleil.

Diaci indietro il nostro sole!


Kathy Hadizadeh

Diaci indietro il nostro sole!

Da Kathy Hadizadeh

Il telefono ha continuato a squillare.

Continuato a appena guardare il telefono.

Neppure non si è preoccupato di arrestare tutti quegli anelli.

Le chiamate sono venuto e chiesto: nascondete il sole??

Risposto a: No.

Appeso in su e sorriso.

Qualche gente è venuto al portello, gridante: avete nascosto il nostro sole??

Ha tenuto gli orecchi.

Seduto là e frowned.

Il giorno seguente o così, sono venuto i migliaia della gente.

.Tutto l'arrabbiato, interamente frustrato.

Neppure non si è preoccupato di chiedere.

Neppure non ha battuto sul portello.

Ha aperto la testa ed ha tolto il loro sole.

Give US Back Our Sun!


Kathy Hadizadeh

Give US Back Our Sun!

By Kathy Hadizadeh

The phone kept ringing.
Just kept looking at the phone.
Did not even bother to stop all those rings.

Calls came and asked: "Did you hide the sun?"
Answered: No.
Hung up and smiled.

Some people came to the door, shouting: "Where did you hide our sun?"
Held the ears.
Sat there and frowned.

Next day or so, came thousands of people.
All angry, all frustrated .
Did not even bother to ask.
Did not even knock on the door.
Opened the head and took away their sun.

Death,Exile and Me


Kathy Hadizadeh

Under the pale autumn sun
Lies me, spending my life
Thinking of bright summer days and smiling

The tale of a daily life in exile
Is nothing but this
A little more, a little less

Each of us, remaining scattered round the globe
Living a life of dazzled ness
The dazzle of those old days’ togetherness

These are the days coming and passing by
Alas, it is not only days..
But my eternal opportunity to love and live

I change, I grow up
With each breathe, each pulse of the heart
In this corner

She* changes, she grows old
With each passing day not seeing me around
In that corner

One day.. she leaves the corner
Me, lying still
Under the pale autumn sun
Thinking of bright summer days and crying.