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Jerome Spencer Hackworth


Memphis, TN, US

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Glory To The New Born King


Jerome Spencer Hackworth

One night as the virgin Mary was in the city of Galilee
God sent an angel named Gabriel to give her a word that the Lord was with thee
He told her that she was highly favored and that God wanted her to have a child
A child named Jesus who would heal, deliver, set free and spread love for miles
And so by Mary not ever being with a man she asked, "How could this be?"
And the angel answered, "The Holy Ghost shall come unto thee."
So Mary and her husband Joseph packed and traveled to find a place to give birth
To their son Jesus who was going to be the ruler of nations and the king of the earth
And as they rested in a manger afar there suddenly appeared in the sky a shinning star
And as everyone marveled at the presence of the Lord from the heavenís above
Three wise men followed the star to see the king and present him with gifts of love
After they reached the place under where the star first arose
They found baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes
And as they presented him with gifts they worshipped God as they started to sing
"Glory To The New Born King!"