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Matthew Haase


Oshkosh, WI, US

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Red Seasons


Matthew Haase

It is that time again
Do you have a price
Is your soul for sale
Have you been naughty or nice

Give me your gift
'Tis the season
It is all too bad
You forgot the reason

Too bad you forgot
The day to celebrate his birth
Too bad you forgot
To give him your worth

Too bad you forgot
But still you celebrate with cheers
Too bad you forgot
That he bave you all his tears

Climb a mountain
With a cross on your back
Maybe you would remember
And forget about toys in a sack

Stripped to loin cloths
Wearing blood red skin
Maybe you would remember
He died for your sins

Eat well today, my friend
And may all gather around the big tree
You'll pay the price for forgetting
Sins did not come for free