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Teanne H


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Teanne H

Droplets at the water's edge,
prior locale of hanky waving
her spouse's welcome.
Sunday afternoon, tea sips
with 'Helen Steiner Rice', mouthed
under full umbrella shadow.

On bended knee at the water's edge,
tomorrows' memorabilia flashing
loneliness to come.
Un-kissed pouting red lips
mourning formless ashes, housed
in the Urn sprinkled by his widow.

He said Her Name


Teanne H

He lives in her memory
when she is all, alone.
The tears stain the place
where, her head reclines.
His picture faces the wall
she speaks of him not.
Broke her in a single heartbeat
when in his sleep
he said her name!

They had been friends and lovers
with their 'Silver' celebrated.
She was like a well-worn Teddy
only accustomed to love and hugs.
She lingers day to day now
a newly single woman. For
the other one has her mate.

Tell tale signs confront
If only she had seen.
Working late, missing dinners.
His excuses, always vague.
Why oh why
was she the last to know?
Then in his sleep
he said her name!