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Wangdi Gyalpo


Siliguri, West Bengal, India

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Me! You! Time!


Wangdi Gyalpo

Ah! Fragile bosom of mine
aches and bleeds,
to witness...
those flowers that
you showered
on my steps,
have now transformed
into thorns
that pierce my steps.

Those hands,
that used to feed,
have now became cold,
letting me to starve.

Those soft moistening lips
that used to,
quench the thirst
of my dry and parched lips,
have now transformed into
a menacing spear
piercing straight
into my heart
as if, I am a swine.

Those soothing eyes
that encouraged and smiled
at my failures too
have now frozen
showing no emotions
at my success too.

That cosy and warm
arms of yours
that always gave
me warmth
and shelter during my woes
have now started
suffocating me.

That dark lustrous
hairs of yours
which used to
arouse and
stir every hairs of mine
have now started
itching and irritating me.

In such wretched plight
I realize_
everything around us
have changed.
But I wonder_
Wangdi Gyalpo.

Voices from emotion


Wangdi Gyalpo

After so many dusks and dawns,
I sat in my couch,calm and composed
Unrestrained by mind
and even unresolved
I commence writing something,
then the thirst and hunger
of paper pacified
and were quenched.
Then came my emotion...
Gushing,spouting,spreading,spurting and
gliding into my being
and whishpered...
in a tone;oh so pure and melodious
like a nightingale singing in a dark night
I knew and know
you can't stop writing.

Her oblivion.


Wangdi Gyalpo

When all mortals
Retires to their cozy couch
After days exhaustion_
I find myself awake
Reminiscing about the moments,
The moments_
Spent with you.

When darkness triumphs over light
Adding another pride
To the queen of the night,
That appears on the stage
With her full charms
And glory.

I think of mesmerizing
Beauty of yours_
And I laugh and laugh_
And feel pity_
Pity on her oblivion_

Wangdi Gyalpo



Wangdi Gyalpo

With lachrymose eyes
and visage turned pale
I dreamt to dream not
for all my dreams are alike
an oarsman in a canoe
striving in an ocean
without an oar.

But how great my surprise
After having a glimpse of yours and
Peeping through...
Mind ajar
And from the
Abyss of my bossom
I realize...
I was unconscious of the fact
Without dreams
Nights would be blind.

Immortal Thoughts


Wangdi Gyalpo

As I nowlay vacant...
pondering, thinking and suspecting.
Not about others_
but about self.
And I wonder_
would I be I
Which I am now,
if I hadnít got your love some how.
The very thought of you
fills my bosom with emotions unlimited,
which my heart fails to store.
And flows and flows and flows...
through the shrine of my heart
causing whirlpool in all of my senses
and altering each and every barren parts
of mine fertile and productive.



Wangdi Gyalpo

When mighty rays
bid adieu
from the distant horizon
to receive reception from others.
Reluctantly I enter at oneís toilet
to prepare myself
for the hunting
and to live in incognito.

Equipping myself
with best attires,
make-ups and sensual lips
showing stimulating hips
I go to concrete jungle
butchering my true being
just to be a prey
of some rich bellies.

Every kinds.
Dark, fair,
stony, lean,
chubby and wrinkled
pounce on
my carcass
to quench their hunger.

The warmth and essence
of my body
that I inherited
from my beloved mother
have been blurred
warming uncountable icy beds
of cheap motels.

They cal themselves a good father
but daughters of others, they slaughter.
I am of their daughtersí age
but have to endure their lustful gaze.

Happiness and sorrows they share
and in vain, I ask Him, is it fair?
Those, who for some filthy reason
dumped me in an ocean
where there is no shore.
These days, they call me a whore.



Wangdi Gyalpo

Gone are those days and all have gone
Whatsoever I had before was in dream, now I learn.
Time has taught me, the lesson of life
That whatever ups and downs come, I have to thrive.

I know one day, time will ripe, ripen
And everything around us will be driven.
Haply, I thought knowing reality Iíll be stuck
But now, there are some things in my heart that still lurk.

Though it's reality that past has now lost its luster
But am I wrong, that I believe, glitter will come in future.