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Joyce Guy


Milton, FL, US

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On Eagles' Wings


Joyce Guy

Aloft in vast expanse of sky
He surveys his vast domain;
King of all the fowl that fly,
And dread of all small game.

The eagle eye, renowned for sight,
Cunning and finely honed,
Observes the land with acute delight
As he soars there all alone.

With feathers spread to catch the breeze,
His form aerodynamic,
Movement deft and to the point,
He knows no fear or panic.

Rapid dive as he targets in
On his choice of choicest meals;
His fierce intent to swoop and grab
The rabbit 'ere it squeals.

He draws his talons closer
And sets his wings aback;
Eyes intense with focus,
He makes a swift attack.

Hooked beak sharp, and most austere,
Showing he has fed,
His breast, the dinner napkin,
Exposing tell-tale red.

He's once more the floating raptor
Commanding all the sky
And I, enthralled observer,
Watch with greedy eye.

The Rankest Bull Alive


Joyce Guy

The rankest bull alive
moils in the rider's chute;
the best have unsuccessfully
tried to conquer this brute.

Restless rippling of muscles,
as he rares and kicks, unsubdued,
challenge the greatest of champions,
in a manner both brazen and rude.

The ghosts of his past performances
follow the length of his trail,
as he slams the fiercest of challengers
in dust 'neath his heels and his tail.

Due to the fire of his fury,
and dispatch wherewith victims are flung,
they call this poisonous monster,
so unruly and empowered...'the tongue'.