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Qualicum Beach, BC, CA

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The Witching Hour


Awesome Guy

The witching hour is close at hand.
And you’re bewitching all my plans.
I await your call from places wherein
The walls are close and floors are barren.

Ghostly visions come to greet me
Bringing thoughts of you discreetly.
Goblins hovering ‘way above
Rain down spears of our love.

Wispy clouds and pungent smells
mingle with jingles of far-off bells.
The darkness crowds me back again
With the thrust of oncoming pain.

Evil feelings grip the air,
Shadows cast by a torches flare,
Eyes are cold and hands are sweating,
Heart is numb and mind uncaring.

Fleeting images of cloak and dagger.
Senses off balance, I sometimes stagger.
Cast a glance, .... over left shoulder.
Whispers in alley, getting bolder.

Woman in front, witch in back.
Funeral procession, all in black.
New friend, old friend. Who to trust?
Soul looks on with slight disgust.

Moonlit, cloudy night. And wind.
Distant far-off things begin.
Erie sounds become a band.
The witching hour is close at hand.