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Korine Gustard


Canberra, ACT, Australia

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Korine Gustard

She is walking to school.
The quiet girl drags her feet
and plays with the button on the cuff
of her left sleeve.
She knows that no one is really
staring at her.
It is only her imagination.

She looks down at the pavement
as she walks.
Subconsciously avoiding the ants,
she wonders if today will be the same.
She steps on something and stumbles,
wishing she wasn't so awkward.

And as she looks up to cross the street
the look on her face says
"don't hurt me"
The mark of wisdom thrust upon a youth.
She is older than her years.

She is walking from school.
The insecure girl fiddles with her hair.
No one says goodbye.
She gnaws at a fingernail.
Looking at her watch, she picks up her pace,
as though she has somewhere to be.

She sees the popular crowd
dawdling off to each others houses,
wearing their fashionable clothing
and listening to "in" music on their walkmans.
Well manicured nails lift cigarettes
to 'Desert Rose' lips
and with each puff of smoke,
they exhale all innocent health.

She smiles inwardly
as she thinks to herself
"no one can be perfect.
But at least some of us don't try"