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New York, NY, US

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i love with all my heart


Gabby Gurl

when i love someone
it's a shock to everyone
because i dont love easily

but when i fall in love
everyone is in aww
because it has never hapened before

when i fall in love
i love with all my heart
i dont hold back
i love with all i got

n for you to say i had to get over you
was like telling me to die

your the only one ive fallin in love with
i would never cheat
talk bout u behind u (in a bad way)

because i love you with all my heart
n u no when i say that
its the truth

now that its over
n i see u in the hall
i jus want u to come up to me n say
"i love you too baby"

but instead you say i can see
when you look at me
that you love me
what do u want me to say?

i dont denie it or
admite to loveing u
but i do try my very best to try to get you back

u will always be the one that made me
the gurl who couldnt fall in love,
fall in love..

and love you with all my heart



Gabby Gurl

its hard to see you smileing.
i saw you at scool flirting,smileing,laghing
when we jus broke up.

everyone is telling me
"its fake he loves you so much,
hes jus acting"

but i was wrong to belive
i shoud have known better

you jus wanted to be free,
free from all we had

n u wanted to flirt without any guilt.
i couldnt even look at u without wanting to cry,
without thinking of all the things you told me
that your probably telling her.

your not different
your just like all the rest.
you proved your self wrong

you lied
and never loved
i just cant belive i trusted you
with all my crazyness

all the laughs we shared

they were probably all fake
and u probably went behind my back and laughed,
luaghed at everything i said
or did

at least i put sum kind of sime on your face

only a memory


Gabby Gurl

im lieing on my bed
thinking of you
remebering all we had.

i remeber how i fell in love
how everyong thought i was jus in lust

but i cant get over you,
i cant stop thinking about you
and all you've done for me

i remeber all the little things you did,
that you didnt even no you were doing
that just made me fall in love

and i think out loud all the time,
but this time i have to keep a secret
to my self n only for me.

i remeber hpw when you held my hand
it was with pasion..
with love,
and wormth.
that i've never felt befor

and i liked it

i remeber

but theres the problem

its only

a memory



Gabby Gurl

u say we can still be friends
thats the worst thing u can tell me

its lik when my fish died
u tellingme i can still keep it

i no that if we were together
we could mak the world envy us
make them want to be us
from the outside looking in

u tell me all about her
all about how u love her so much
n how now u belive in love

u dont even no the feelings i have for u
i have so many
n the strongest is

love is complicated word
how do u no if somone really means it
i hear is when they do something amazing
but im not sure

uve done so many amazing things
maybe they were jus to get me to love u
i dont know anymore

all i no is that what ever u did to make me love u
hasnt worn off yet

i moved on


Gabby Gurl

ive gotten over you
ive moved on
to some one better (not to ginx anything)

i think we r happy
happy with the lil thing we got so far
and if it bugs you

o well

you just keep that dead fish

its unbeliveable how when u see me in someone eles's arms
u want me back

u say u were a fool in leeting me go
and u always loved me
yeah right

i moved on
that means that i got rid of my dead fish
and im not getting it back

ive moved on n im liking it
im loking that now that ur gone n out of my head
i sont compare others to you

they r jus another person
no longer is it
"he dosent do the same thing as you"
"he dosent have ur eyes or smile"

its now
"man, his eyes r so pretty n look at that smile"

i moved on
n if u say u never did
n u regret everything

all u need to do is get rid of that dead fish
i wont be there forever.

we can still be friends.

all u gotta do is watch me in his arms
n move on

cuz life gos on
n we keep living
n so do you

i moved on
n so is life....
life is moving
i jus got back on track

*note from gabby gurl*
*to understand this poem you have to read my poem untittled*
*thanks for reading*

perfect day


Gabby Gurl

the sky is a preety blue today
the sun shines bright
and everything is alright

everything is exactly the way its supose to be
the earth is turning the sky is blue n there are very little clouds

live is worth living today
because everything is in balence.

everything is perfect

and i alaways will remember this day
this day with you here beside me

this perfect day

i love you here with me
watching me in my every move
n loving me
like i love you

us walking along the beack is the perfect ending
to the perfect day

hopefully tomorrow brings even more smiles

i wont for get this,
this perfect day

true love waits


Gabby Gurl

u say u love me
n if i love u too
i would do this with u

but i have my pureity

y would i jus give it up
i love u i do but
i cant jus give it up just like that

u say its alright if its with the one u love,
ur soulmate

u say its great
n its the only way to prove my love

but obviously,
u havent observed me well enuf

because on my left ring finger
i have a purity ring

and it reads

"true love waits"

and it will till i wed

so if this is true,
if this is true love

ull wait
and ull marry me.

but u see that word
sends chills down your spine

but you see i belive

Ture Love Waits

just friends


Gabby Gurl

some one plz plz plz tell me
wat does it mean when u cant sleep at night
because all u want to do is sneek out n see that person
u thought about all night

but u see they only think of u as
a friend

a good friend
that u could tell everything to
but n yet u dont see that i love u

u tell me u like her n u love her
u think shes the one for u


she could never love u lik i could
ive loved u since i first met u
n u never knew

i n a way i want u to find out and
i want u to be with me

but im afraid u dont feel the same
so i guees that for now
we will jus have to be friends

and ill listen to all the things u have to say about her
ill sneek out to see u
n jus disagree to everything

n one day we will be together (ntga)
but for now

i guezss we're just friends

*ntga means not to ginx anything*

Love Vs. The Wind


Gabby Gurl

love it like the wind.
you can feel it,
but you cant see it.

with your love i sore high...
high above the clouds...and cloud nine.

i think that my love for you is indifferent
its the same as any other love.

when im in love...
now theres somthing different.
thats somthing to be in...
you would be able to tell the difference just by
opening your heart to me and let me in.

let me love you in a way that no one ever has.
you cant just see that i love you
that im in love with you.

you have to feel it like the wind.

love IS like the wind
you can feel it,
you cant embrace it,
it wont catch you when you fall,
it jus lets you fall.

you fall right into love and
you fall right in to the wind.

so many similaritys and
so many differences.
between love and the wind.

the big diference is that when you in love
it lasts, and lassts, and lasts.
the wind is there for a moment,
then gone,and then it comes back then gos away.

you cant just blow away my love for you.
and it wont just go away.