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Jaskiran Gupta


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Jaskiran Gupta

Time drips so slow,at times,
I can feel it crawl like a drop,
At the back of my hand,
so slow that even dries its trail..
I watch it come and wait
for it to leave,can not even push,
I count the numbers in my head
And breathe to ease the pain.
One goes finally and I feel good,
I wait for next ,I long for a rain.



Jaskiran Gupta

Thoughts swimming through my mind
mindlessly, hopelessly
looking for an anchor

I try to reason and say all is well
But then a fear comes on
And takes over everything

Looking for a place to rest my heart
something to hold on
something to feel at peace

I close my eyes and pray
I can see you now my angel somewhere nearby
Looking over me, my world, caring