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Dean Gunraj


Queens, NY, US

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Dean Gunraj

Oh as once one weary day
Of dreamy scheme and dreary play
Where most, the smarter, dread to tread
Of I myself once traveling that path,
Whose book I read so eloquently
And laid in the fields
Of hopes and ideal,
Standards once held "real";
But, soon reavealed
A strip of land so lonely.
Yes 'tis true, even I
Found in anothers arms full joy
But let alone, I was a toy
For her to play with.
And to this day it haunts my toughts
The feelings that I wrung, I wroth
I to the flame as a foolish moth
Or as a spiders web, entangled, caught.
And of it all I endure, I last
To the end, 'til this phase pass.
For the heart is mendable
Placed in the right cast.
To you my once lover,
You are my past.

Epiphany of Contemptuous Acquittal


Dean Gunraj

Fault is never a compatriot of mine
My decisions never dull, they always shine
Perfection at its potential peak,
Or so I've come to see
My ways, my thoughts, and actions
Are instinctually fail-safe axioms
To err is human, to not is Me.
Standards set through my example
At my worst, I've glimpsed on handle
Whom, at there best seem relatively ample.
But indignant character has left me with so much_
A cynical view on life,
Which, situation dictates an iron clutch.
Tolerance seems an unnecessary trust.
I forgive? However so preposterous!
In truth spoken there is no excuse,
And in return I tender irate dispute.
Not to your avail,
Ere I was already righteous in discrimination
No satisfactory reason, even under harsh situation
If you had cared, I would have known
I've myself all reason to hurl stones;
So why is my voice still on your phone?



Dean Gunraj

In brightest day
In darkest night
With joy of May
My heart at flight
With winged message
Had love attested
She pierced my vestige
And of it I am ensconced, nested

In which once, where strength and pride
Where foot had place upon its stride
That I scorned, of past revoke
Cupid’s arrows my shield broke
Where upon frailty in self-sufficiency
Now crowned vulnerability deem efficiency
I numbered my steps two no more
In sand impressed upon love shore
Gleefully now registered as four

Of in myself I gave all
In continuity ‘till confines fall
My every is yours and so much still more
As an offer to my Love’s lore
Which in voice I shall concern
Even still in our Love’s urn
Place me still not far from thee
But draw me nigh until am is we

Vehemently cleaving, thus the twain be one
‘Till nothing canst still try undone
Suffering o’er death be hath
On they whom chose to detour that path
Better they hath not been born
Than suffer worst than lover’s scorn

I grant to thee in steep approach
My heart to thee in despite reproach
And if thou will have it thine
I shall cling to thee_
Forever Mine.

Question to Unrequited Love


Dean Gunraj

How deadly,
Yet how pleasurable in taste
Has this thing proven to be.
It's definition is written in blood
And smeared in tears.
The stars in the heavens
show through its scars in the heavens.
The emptiness, the loneliness, and the wounds
Tell of perfection forfeit, a dream destroyed.
Feeling alone because we were together,
The strength of this beating heart
Could have broken the mightiest of baracades.
Now its broken moment in solitude beats silently.
Neither sands of time nor ocean of life
Could ever erode
The marks of its arrowheads.
Oh torrid love,
Why do I so willingly drink
Of your sweet poison?